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Why Ahoi?

Why Ahoi?

These days everyone seems to be measuring and tracking their fitness or daily performance. We all know of one person who climbed their stairs 60 times in an evening just to hit their daily target of 12,000 steps or the person who has numerous apps on their mobile device to assist in improving their performance and end up using none.

The question is, what does all that data mean, is it actually changing lives and is it a healthy approach to life balance with the primary focus just on fitness?

Ahoi takes a different approach - Let’s simplify life into four areas:

  • Personal
  • Fitness
  • Work
  • Mind

What if you could discover a measure of where you are at present within all four areas, set your improvement goals and then measure the progress towards those goals?

How Ahoi Works...

By addressing the changeable aspects of attitudes and behaviours, Ahoi provides bespoke interventions direct to your device. These “nudges” deliver lasting positive changes that lead to you living a healthy, successful, exciting and happier life.

Plus the AHOI community is entirely social and 100% mobile. You can engage with Ahoi whenever you want to, wherever you want to.

Ahoi. Say Hello to Life.

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What they're saying...

“Ahoi is a genuine measure of behaviour, attitudes and the change on these dimensions. The software addresses the changeable aspects of health behaviour rather than simply measuring underlying predispositions such as personality.”

Professor Patrick O’Donnell, University of Glasgow

“In Mark and Colin, the founding directors of Ahoi, you have 2 highly professional, capable and motivated individuals with complimentary skill sets and experience and the business has a product with real substance at its core.”

Toby Reid, Managing Director at Biocity, Scotland

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